action-packed PvP shooter game with engaging team battles
Choose your favorite Merc class with unique abilities and rush into a fun battles in astonishing 3D graphics. Cooperate with your team and face the competitors to rival for the victory. Battle and win, hone your skills with easy and intuitive controls, try various combat roles in a struggle for domination. Get rewards for your victories and empower your Mercs and get new weapon for them! The battle is on!


Year 2049... The unknown colossal object is coming from deep space threatening to collide the Sun.
A mega space rocket with all mankind nuclear charges is built and sent to destroy the object and save the Earth. The object was destroyed but billions of object shards left after explosion drop to Earth bringing a fiery cataclysm all over the world. And now private military organizations fight for the relics of the unknown visitor in search of power and loot.

  • Simple, intuitive and comfortable controls.
    Ask your grandma to try! ;-)
  • Impressive visuals and luxurious effects.
    Available starting from iPhone 6S!
  • Various Merc classes with unique combat
    abilities and gameplay role.
  • Competitive and fun adrenaline-boosted gameplay
  • Fast, fair and effective match-making
  • Mercs and weapons upgrade available via BattlePass and Reward Chests.

Coming soon
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